Hong Li

I am a 0-th year PhD student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University under the supervision of Yong-Lu Li . Prior to this, I graduated from ShanghaiTech University with master degree in 2024, where I was fortunate advised by Prof. Yi Zhou and Yunji Chen. I have got Bachelor's degree from Jilin University in 2021, where I major in Electronic Information Engineering. My major research directions including Multimodal Learning and Emboedied AI.

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Boosting Multi-modal Model Performance with Adaptive Gradient Modulation

Hong Li * , Xingyu Li * , Pengbo Hu, Yinuo Lei, Chunxiao Li, Yi Zhou

ICCV, 2023
arXiv / ICCV2023 / code
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Tree-of-Mixed-Thought: Combining Fast and Slow Thinking for Multi-hop Visual Reasoning

Pengbo Hu * , Ji Qi * , Xingyu Li, Hong Li , Xinqi Wang, Bing Quan, Ruiyu Wang, Yi Zhou

arXiv 2023


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